Business development comprises a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities within an organization and to position the business as the preferred in the market.

Small Business Development is a field of intervention that intends to strengthen individual Small Businesses as well as their inter-linkages in a local economy through a variety of approaches.

The ultimate objective of intervention in Small Businesses Development is to improve Small Businesses performance in local economies, as a means to achieve higher economic growth, employment and income, reduce poverty, and meet social objectives.

Over the past seven years PRoComm has assisted more than 600 SMME’s through various interventions to ensure sustainable enterprises, to make this country a better place for all.

  • Strategic organizational support
  • Mentorship & strategic Guidance – SMME’s
  • Facilitation – soft skills & self development professional programmes
  • Operational development
  • SMME start-up services
  • Strategic marketing & Gathering market intelligence
  • Professional compilation of business documentation development of:

o Corporate profiles
o Business plans
o Communication programmes
o Marketing plans
o Presentations (PowerPoint)
o Tenders and Proposals
o Business documentation (i.e. quotations, invoicing, etc.)

  • Strategic organisational support services & Business development toolkit
  • Skills development & Empowerment
  • Translations: In all indigenous languages and international languages
  • Casual staffing – events assistants, promoters & brand ambassadors
  • Sales representing – stimulate sales of your product & hard selling (retail / wholesale)
  • Product demonstrations and promotions
  • Product performance and evaluation
  • After sales service & Customer Care
  • Crisis management & on-site problem solving
  • Product performance follow-up
  • Product training
  • Finding synergy between customers – cross pollination / networking

** Over the past five years PRoComm assisted more than 600 SMME’s, through various interventions.