“The problem is not the problem! Your attitude towards the problem, is the main challenge.

PRoComm gladly contributes towards the wellbeing of the immediate community, who supported us for the past 28 years, based on our believe that an organization (our business) can only be as strong as the community it operates in. In fact, all our other actions speak of our commitment of being a proudly South African company.

We would like to position PRoComm Public Relations Consultants as good neighbours and good citizens; therefore, we contribute regularly to the needs of our community in compliance with our strategic plan. The wellbeing of the community is close to PRoComm’s heart.

Every year we select a non-profit organization (NPO) or community project, which we assist with our in-depth experience to gain the goodwill from the community in which they operate, transferring our skills in public relations and marketing in the process.

prefers to annually review networking partnerships and support by rotating NGO’s & CBO’s. We prefer to assist, pro bono, in subject related matters as the need arises.

Knowledge is power. Skills development is therefore high on our agenda. Having accumulated hands-on experience over many years in the public relations industry – experience that no textbook can teach one – we voluntarily plough our best practises back into the community.
We enjoy empowering people – especially the youth and women – through workshops on a range of topics. Women are particularly close to our hearts and we would like to see that all women come to realise that with the right attitude they can make their dreams and ambitions happen.

Facilitating skills development workshops is one way of contributing towards the continued professionalism of the industry, while Renay also values mentorship through her APR status.

Currently Renay is also registered as mentor with PRISA, Business Women Association and Business Partners to assist young entrepreneurs or newcomers to the Public Relations industry.

Other include:

  1. Matjhabeng quarterly SMME seminars – public speaking.
  2. PRoComm sponsored the full events management function for the recent 60th Pioneer Gala Event held by the FGF Goldfields Chamber of Business, on 11–11-11, to celebrate the past, toast on future successes and honouring pioneering companies in Welkom. In 2012, we’ve assisted with the events management, as Renay served as an executive member on the Chamber.
  3. Free marketing workshop for the Youth parliament in Kutloanong, Matjhabeng.
  4. In September 2009 we assisted SEDA Lejweleputswa with free event management to entertain local business women on Women’s Day.
  5. We sponsor special days targeting women, i.e. Women in Business, with vouchers, where the lucky winner can either get marketing material at discount or cost price, OR a free consultation where her company’s marketing and PR needs are analysed.
  6. We have registered as volunteers on the Disaster Management Database of the Lejweleputswa District Council, where we can add value through our crisis communication skills.

We regularly contribute to the developing of historically disadvantaged communities through establishing opportunities via partnerships and by incorporating the daily actions of our different clients.

Our commitment includes job creation that provides long term development and growth. Being active and sought after in the experiential marketing and promotional industry, we use the demand for our services to create casual but developmental employment for youths.

They are placed according to their skills and natural aptitude in the marketing environment we serve – be it in-store or outdoor events.

Through experiential learning, the transfer of our marketing skills and practical exposure, they gain much needed skills required for the work place. Most of our casuals find permanent employment within the first year, after signing on with PRoComm.

PRoComm’s humble way of contributing to local economic development is to find and build upon the synergy between clients that can be mutually beneficial. The reasoning behind this business philosophy is that it protects the wellbeing of all residents.

A personal career highlight for Renay was in 2001 when, using professional knowledge, experience and networking contacts, she was instrumental in establishing the first community-based police station in Riebeeckstad within three months on a zero-budget. She chaired and managed the project. The community-based police station was one of the first five, country-wide, at the given time.

PRoComm’s policy is to never give money as a sponsorship, but to transfer skills based on the philosophy of: “Rather teach a person to fish, than to give him a fish”.