Testimonial from our Brand Ambassadors:

Paballo Adelina Motumi
Since I became a promoter, I am able to approach and speak to all people about different brands; I am no longer the shy person I once was. Thanks to PRoComm.

Thenjiwe Binta
Working as a brand ambassador at PRoComm has been a great experience. It has taught me a lot of new things like selling and communication skills. Growing in the industry has been great.

Dimakatso Felicity Seloko
Working part time while studying did wonders for me.I learned a lot of things, i.e. how to budget according to my income. Having an income for consecutive months really helped a lot. Thanks PRoComm for giving me this opportunity!

Given Ntshiba
PRoComm has been one of the greatest journey’s and an epic one in my life. I learned a lot through promotions and all other aspects of being a Brand Ambassador.

Thabo Morake
Procomm help me a lot; it taught me to believe in myself, be confident and to trust my capabilities in everything I do, and I will excel. The most important thing that I learned is working with people and their different kinds of personalities, which can be challenging, but PRoComm help me via training on how to read the customers and that every person is unique. This is all part of customer care, which is an important part of my newly acquired full time job. Thanks, PRoComm for the testimonial during my application process.