Introduction – Integrated Services To Ensure Sustainable Enterprises

PRoComm Business Development & Brand Management Consultants strengthens our client’s business to ensure it is positioned as the preferred brand in the market. In the highly competitive world of today’s business environment, PRoComm provides strategic communication and entrepreneurial solutions that enable clients to propel their business. PRoComm provides a integrated, strategic marketing communication solution that enable clients to build strong relationships and to influence attitudes

Interventions could include Business Development, Public Relations, Marketing, Skills Development, Mentorship and many more. We offer a holistic (one stop), integrated service. Fragmentation of services usually cause business owners to lose track of budgets, whilst the holistic service we offer will bring a quicker return on investment. Our customized and specialized support services start at conceptual stage, through all phases and growth cycles, to post implementation and support to ensure sustainability.

We help our clients to get the right products to the right people (their customers) in the right place at the right time, using the right, most suitable action.

“PRoComm is all you need to build and protect your brand, public image and ultimately your bottom line.”







Our national linkages & stakeholder relations

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registered consultancy

Holistic, one stop service provider

Three decades

of experience

We never over-promise and


Informed on latest industry trends & development

We know how to position your business as the preferred in the market, and have a sound knowledge of the local economy and other stimuli that might influence your brand or product.