“Through MENTORSHIP we are changing behaviours, perceptions, and habits to fast-track purposeful impact.
This is done by empowering entrepreneurs and tweaking their business operations to become more effective,
efficient and productive,and eventually more profitable and sustainable.
The way you conduct business will change dramatically”
– Renay van der Berg –
Business Mentor

Problem statement:

Do you often feel like an octopus on roller-blades?

There’s too much to do, you don’t know where to start, can’t think what the next step is? Or maybe you feel stuck, you don’t know how to prioritise, you’re not achieving your goals and targets – and at the end, all of this makes you feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled and like a failure? Most of all, do you lack motivation?

The one common challenge all entrepreneurs, especially SMME’s face, is that they initially need to be a Jack of all Trades.

Have you ever wished you had a confidante, someone who can help you make a decision, someone to bounce off ideas and to seek clarity from? Or maybe you have a dream or an idea, but no clear road map?

One phrase we hear too often is “I feel so overwhelmed.” If you feel like this, then a mentor is just what you need to bring a new perspective and to give you an objective view of the challenges you face.

A mentorship programme is an ideal place to share your successes and your failures in a safe and confidential environment.

After 30 years of business, each example we discuss is based on our own experiences and mentees can, therefore, avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes. We have worked across all industries and sectors assisting clients and mentees, and since 2010 we’ve helped almost 1000 SMME’s to take their businesses to the next level. 

Who will be your mentor?

“Let my hindsight become your foresight,
helping you to take your business to the next level”

Dear Entrepreneur,

My name is Renay van der Berg. I am at a stage in my life where passion meets purpose and where my career is actually the time when I am having the most fun. As a business mentor and in my personal life I have found my flow, which is the fortunate state of being “in the zone”, a joyful state of peak performance.


One phrase embodies mentorship – adding value.
A mentor is a critical friend.

PRoComm addresses all the reasons why businesses fail, through our holistic capacity building program (monitoring, mentoring and skills transfer).

Our customised approach supports businesses to become fully sustainable, independent, and to propel growth.


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Why ProComm?

At PRoComm we strive to inspire entrepreneurs to aim higher and ignite their passion for excellence, to differentiate them from their competitors.

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There is an age old saying: “One who never asks either knows everything or nothing”.

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The success of any mentorship programme is that the mentee takes ownership. The mentor cannot instruct nor order, but merely serves as a guide and a soundboard. The role of the mentor is not to spoon-feed, but to share skills, knowledge, and experience, and to guide the mentee.

By helping entrepreneurs to stay true to their journey, offering new perspectives and showing them how to capitalise on opportunities – just by applying a positive mindset – we will be part of a direct change in their businesses.


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As witness of your entrepreneurial journey, we look at your reality through a different lens, keeping you true to your story.